How much is too much on Twitter?

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how often to tweet

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to post too often on Twitter, it sort of depends. If you’re a celebrity with a ton of fans, nothing seems to be too much. Even for businesses, it takes being really obnoxious for people to unfollow. It’s just the nature of Twitter; the tweets wash over you in a gentle stream, easy to ignore. That’s about to change.

Twitter Inc. has struck a deal with Google Inc. to make its 140-character updates more searchable online. Any marketer paying any attention at all will up the ante on Twitter. There will likely be a torrent of tweets, and those tweeters had better make sure their tweets are strategic, relevant, well-tagged and creative. As the flow increases, the odds of your tweets getting noticed (on Twitter, at least) will decrease. You can use the “spray-and-pray” technique − sheer quantity − or you can actually be interesting.

Read the Bloomberg article here.

How will you up your Twitter game?

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