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tinyletter emailThe big, professional email platforms can be daunting, and most cost $30/month and up. MailChimp has a free option, but it can be more juice than some people want. Now, there’s a solution: TinyLetter, owned by MailChimp. It’s a very simple, easy-to-use email platform that turns out a professional look and keeps the sender from being marked as spam by blasting dozens of emails out of his or her own inbox.

Now, there’s just no reason not to do some email marketing for your business.

Features of TinyLetter

  • sign up in seconds
  • simple, elegant navigation
  • add links easily
  • upload your list quickly
  • send yourself a preview
  • off it goes!
  • shares well with social media, like this:

tinyletter share on social media

Limitations of TinyLetter

TinyLetter doesn’t offer the analytics that platforms like Emma and MailChimp do, but let’s face it: most folks aren’t going to spend a tone of time analyzing the stats. If you have a good list of people with whom you have a relationship, and you give a clear and easy way to respond, you’ll know if it’s working. I got an order for my little art business within two minutes of sending out a TinyLetter flight, so the 15 minutes it took me to sign up, write it, and upload my list was certainly worth it. Those are all the stats I needed.

A bigger limitation is that TinyLetter doesn’t host images. That means you can’t just insert an image directly into the post; you have to host it elsewhere online. If you don’t have a website where you can park images, you can upload them to TinyPic, Photobucket, or Flickr. That creates a URL you can copy into the image box in TinyLetter. If you keep all your images on Facebook (not a great idea, but it happens), you can right-click on an image and grab the URL to put into TinyLetter.

Last but probably least, TinyLetter doesn’t have a scheduling feature, so you’ll need to sit down to your computer to send off an email at the best time for your readers.

Try it, and paste the link to your first flight in the comments, and we’ll give you a free critique. Go tiny or go home.

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