Is your site’s lack of mobile readiness hurting you?

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mobile friendly websites

How many times have you visited a website on your phone or tablet and found out it wasn’t responsive* design? You couldn’t read it easily, got frustrated, and bounced out? Given that fully half of all web pages are viewed on mobile devices, the importance of a responsive site seems painfully obvious if only from the standpoint of readability. Now there’s another reason your website should be mobile-friendly: it matters in Google search results and is about to matter a lot more. Read more about Google’s algorithm update here.

How does your site stack up in mobile-friendliness? Even if you have a responsive site, Google may not see it that way. Test your site here. In addition to the mobile friendly test, the page also has helpful articles about how to make your site more mobile-friendly.

Bottom line: make sure your website is responsive (you could have a stand-alone mobile site, but why?) and that Google sees it that it is mobile friendly.

*rewrites itself based on the device where it is being viewed

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