Public Not Lovin’ McDonalds New Ad Campaign

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McDonalds New Ad CampaignI can see the team at the ad agency, working on the new McDonald’s ad campaign. Huddled with their grande lattes, the creative team is desperately trying to figure out something they can talk about besides food. 

“What’s trending right now? Somebody look at their Twitter feed.”
The new guy pipes up, “Bullying!” Withering looks around the table.
“What, we’re going to show Ronald McDonald on a school bus, punching the bully in the nose?”
“You know, that’s not half bad. The bullying thing, I mean.”

The world loves to vilify the mac-daddy of fast-food purveyors, and the company keeps serving up reasons to: #4 in unhealthiest fast food chains, according to Consumer Reports, strikes by employees whose wages are so low they can’t afford to eat there, and, for investors, lower sales and profits

In a well-timed “60 Minutes” interview, McDonald’s CEO, Don Thompson, seemed unperturbed. “If you attack McDonald’s, you’ll get press. And so, you know, just about any and everyone will attack McDonald’s for something,” he said. I got this, says he. He also says that McDonald’s is willing to invest in their employees if the employees are willing to invest in the company.

Ask employee Nick Williams if he can invest in McDonald’s. We’ll wait while you mop up the super-sized beverage you just snorted through your nose.

Can advertising change the facts? Can it change public perception? McDonald’s thinks so. It will unveil its “Lovin’ Beats Hatin” campaign during the Super Bowl. And the public is already not lovin’ it. Check the Twitter hashtag #lovinbeatshatin. McDonald’s will spend $1 billion on advertising next year, which is evidently cheaper than improving its food or paying its employees a living wage. Maybe the new campaign will be so awwwww-inspiring folks will race from the television or YouTube and stampede through the golden arches for a 1,950-calorie meal* of a double cheeseburger, large fries with one ketchup packet, and a hot fudge sundae.

We can’t wait for McDonalds new ad campaign.

*McDonald’s calorie counts from independent source

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