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*UPDATED February 23, 2015* These are free marketing tools you can access online. Some we have tried and love, others not. Lucid Marketing makes no warranties and provides no tech support for these tools.

Curate and Manage Content

JingGrab images, make notes on them, and share. You can also make screencasts… little movies of what’s happening on your screen. Incredibly helpful for training or for explaining to tech support what you’re seeing.

Diigo—Bookmarking tool that’s probably more user-friendly than the one that comes with your browser. Makes it easy to keep track of your bookmarks and organize your content.

Google Alerts—Find out what the competition’s up to, what folks are saying about you—or anything else—online, learn industry trends and useful how-to information; just one of the suite of tools that comes with your free Gmail account.

GoodreadsNeed a pithy quote to illustrate a point? Get clever quotes from Goodreads.

Hootsuite—Schedule social media posts in advance, all in one place.

Findings—A cool little tool for finding, making and sharing quotes.

Post Editor for Google+—Format your posts with this handy little extension for Chrome.

Quote Investigator—Verify sources of quotes before reposting.

Addictomatic—Need some content ideas? Curate topics from around the web with this little tool.

Print Screen Shot—We prefer Jing, but this little free online tool works, too.


Protect Your Work

Plagium—Find out if someone is swiping your content. Click here.

PlagTracker—Another tool for detecting plagiarism. The paid version proofreads for you, too.

TinEye—And, find out if someone is swiping your images. Click here.

Image Raider—A more in-depth tool for tracking who might be using your images. Get it here.

CopyScape—Another free online tool to check for plagiarism.

DMCA ProtectionCopyright protection is a complex subject that may require a lawyer, but at least you can let people know that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act exists and applies to your intellectual property. Get free badges here.


Publish Online

Issuu—Make your own little magazine, add music, and optimize it for search engines before sharing. Beats a PDF by a mile.

Portfolio Sites—For artists and photographers, there are several tools for making online portfolios.

Blog Sites—A list of the most popular free blog sites is here.

LinkedIn Publishing—It’s a blog within the leading social networking site for business; write and share.

BuiltWithWant to know how a website was built? Find out what platform and all the technical whistles and bells here.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider—This one is for the tech-minded and is a very powerful free online tool. Good luck.

Sound Cloud—Host your audio files and share them for free.

SlideShare—One of the most popular sites for sharing presentations. Look what others are doing.

ListlyMake lists of useful topics and direct traffic back to your website.

Medium—Blogging platform that is simple and beautiful. Basically just start typing.

DropShotsHost images and video online, to use in your website or to share.


Create Your Own Content

Quozio—Create beautiful images of quotes that you can pin to your Pinterest boards and share around.

SlideShare—Create and share professional presentations with just a few clicks.

AudioBoom—Host and share audio with this free tool.

Writing—Its brother, is here, too.

Elements of Style—Remember good ole Strunk & White from college? If your writing could use some help, they’re here for you. Look it up.

GrammarlyNot sure if your grammar is up to par? It’s easy to check your grammar.

TimelineJS—Make beautiful timelines and embed them wherever, from a simple spreadsheet.

iPhone Text Generator — You don’t have to be Ellen Degeneres to find creative uses for this little tool.

Online ChartThis free online tool makes charts so much more elegantly than Excel does; try it.

TrelloOrganize your ideas with this free tool, and collaborate with others.

ReciteAnother nice quote-maker; several style templates let you switch it up.

PosterGenPerfect for making memes; try it here.

PlaceIt—A very cool free tool that lets you turn any screen shot into a totally realistic-looking photo in a variety of settings; try it now.

PinWordsRock your Pinterest feed with quotes, headlines on images, or no image at all with PinWords free backgrounds. You can pin it, email it to yourself, tweet it or tumble it. No account necessary.

GifMakerYou can make your own GIF animations or simply make a video from slides. Easy as pie.

ImgFlipAnother GIF maker, very simple to use.

Blog Topic GeneratorNeed some inspiration? Try this; it might get you going on your next blog post.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline AnalyzerWill your headlines move people? Find out here.


Layout & Graphics

InkScapeThis free, open source vector art software looks amazing; get it here.

DrawPlusstarter edition that will probably leave you wanting to buy the full version (the whole point, of course).

Affinity DesignerAttempting to replace the entire Adobe Creative Suite, this beta version is free for the moment; only available to Mac users, sadly.

Draw.ioIf you just need simple charts and graphics, this free tool is easy to use.

Social Media ImagesThe right size for every platform, here.


Research & Market Your Brand

SEO GuideFrom “what is search engine optimization” to how to do it; beginners guide to SEO.

KnowEm—Check a brand’s availability across all social media platforms, domains, and the USPTO trademark database.

Ubersuggest—Generate keyword variations for your search terms with this simple tool.

Semrush—Find out which keywords are driving traffic to a competitor’s site; they probably work for you, too.

Ask Your Target Market − Free marketing research tool when you use your own list. Get it here.

EpollNeed a quick answer? Create a poll for free.

TypeformAnother tool for surveys, with elegant results.

Google ScholarA little-known way to dig deeper into serious subjects.


Analyze & Adjust

Google Analytics The grand-daddy of them all. Track site traffic, find keywords, it’s all here.

RichBlocksPoorBlocks—Instant demographic data, great for research. Get it here.

EdgeRank CheckerFind out how your Facebook business page stacks up with industry averages. Get it here.

Page Rank—Find out how high Google ranks your page on a 1-to-10 scale.

Grade Your Website—Find out in seconds what you need to do to make your website more search friendly.

SenderScore – How deliverable is your email, really? Find out here.


Get More Done with Utilities

SpeekFree conference calls. Get started here.

Google TypographyFree fonts plugin for WordPress.

Medio.ioGot a .wav file you need to convert to an .mp3, or vice versa. This little utility does it for you.

HelloFaxYou’ve probably ditched your fax machine by now, but sometimes you just need one for a sign-off. This free tool does the trick without a machine or special phone line.

Read-ableHow readable is your website’s content? This handy tool will tell.

PingdomFind out how fast your website loads; click here.

InogoloPronounces foreign and difficult words for you; try it.

Proportion CalculatorGreat for resizing images; get it here.

KaywaGenerate QR codes instantly.

WhoIs.netCurious about who owns a domain? Look it up.

NetLingoCan’t figure out a buzzword? Here’s a dictionary of them.

Broken Link Check—Roots out broken links on any website.

WordPress—Theme Detector See a WordPress site you like? Find out the theme being used.

Disposable Email—lFor when you want to sign up for something and avoid spam later.

ScreenLeapThis free tool lets you share your screen with any other user via your browser. Get it here.

Random—Randomly rearrange lists (great for picking contest winners) and a lot more here.

Boomerang—Schedule your Gmail messages to send later at a specified time with this free tool.

Hello Sign—Get up to three signatures a month free with this secure tool.

PicResizeIf you’re not into PhotoShop and just need to crop and resize images quickly, this is for you.

Hello Sign—Get up to three signatures a month free with this secure tool.

Print Friendly—A whole bunch of free buttons to make your WordPress, Blogger or Drupal site more print-friendly.

Aspect Ratio Calculator—Make sure your image or video is the right shape for uploading. –

Online Video ConverterNeed to post a video but it’s on the wrong format? Convert it here.

Scam AdvisorBefore you buy from a site you’ve never heard of, check it out.

GetHuman – Just need someone to talk to about your customer service issue? Find contact info.

Reverse Text Generator – Strange, but perhaps useful. Try it here.


Reach Them with Email Marketing

Boomerang—Schedule your Gmail messages to send later at a specified time with this free tool.

MailChimp—Professional email service free for less than 2,000 addresses.

TinyLetterSimple, free, couldn’t make it easier to do email marketing; read more.


Manage Your Business

Wave—Free accounting and invoicing software.


Share Your Content—Shortens those URLs that are hugely long into nice, neat little ones, like Using a URL shortener is considered good online etiquette and, of course, it’s a must for Twitter.

Web2PDF—Save any web page as a pdf and share.

ShutterflyMore than a photo-sharing site, this one also lets you maintain a group calendar and message members of the group. Perfect for a private network. Get started here.

Click to TweetCreate a link to tweet out your content, like this { CLICK TO TWEET }



WeTransferFree and simpler than DropBox or Hightail; use it to send up to 2GB of files.

DBInboxNon-Dropbox users can send files to your Dropbox account with this little inbox tool.

GroupMe — Free texting with groups of people all at once; get it here. Can’t upload a list, however; you have to build your own.

TrelloOrganize your ideas with this free tool, and collaborate with others.


Social Media 

Social Media Image SizesMake sure your images on Facebook, Twitter, etc. are always up-to-date with these free guidelines.

Facebook Cover Photo TemplateFor free downloadable Photoshop template of the new Facebook cover photo, click here.

MyTopTweetFind out the top tweet for any Twitter user.

Hidden Post—Every get the feeling a Facebook business page is removing posts? Find out.
Dig Deeper

Google Scholar—An often-overlooked tool in the Google suite, for research on complex topics.


Career Management

Career Aptitude TestEver feel like you’re in the wrong job? This test may just help you find a new career.

ApplyMagicSauceSee what online behavior says about you, or a potential employee. Try it here.

Cambridge Personality Test – What kind of employee would you be? Find out here.


Why do the sites listed above offer such powerful tools for free? Because they have embraced content marketing. By providing content that is useful without charge, they are driving traffic to their websites and encouraging visitors to use their premium services. You can do the same. Contact us to talk about how to do that.

We currently use most of these free marketing tools but don’t necessarily endorse them. Some of them have paid versions that may provide more of the functionality you need. Please evaluate the ones you choose to use in terms of your own marketing needs. Lucid Marketing doesn’t provide tech support or training for these tools.

Copyright Notice: We spent a lot of time compiling this list of gems; don’t just copy and paste it into your site (we’ll know). Be nice and simply provide a link to it.

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