Feeding the monster: 7 ways to create a ton of great content marketing.

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content marketing monsterOne of the advantages of being around a while is that you get to see trends as they happen. I watched as television went from rabbit-ears to cable, computing went from mainframe to desktop, and comedians went from clubs to, well, everywhere. When comics mostly worked little clubs, they could do the same shtick over and over and didn’t need much new material until they had played the entire circuit. Rodney Dangerfield got by with the same 20 jokes for so many years that that fact actually became the joke. Now, the entire circuit is played in a second. You publish something online, and you instantly need something else. The internet is a very hungry monster.

1. Have a content strategy. What does your audience care about? What can you serve up to improve their situations?
2. Plan out your topics. This will be your content menu.
3. Make it tasty. Engage your followers with a wide variety of content.
4. Stir the pot. Combine different types of content, from videos and sound clips to games, contests, and polls.
5. Dish it out regularly. How often will depend on how engaged your fans are. If they like your stuff enough, nothing is too often. Most content providers don’t post often enough.
6. Don’t get eaten by the competition. If you’re not talking to your followers and creating new ones, your competition is.
7. Cook up your own stuff. Reposting articles by others is a useful part of your content strategy, but that engages people with someone else’s brand.

What’s your recipe for feeding the content marketing monster?

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