7 signs that mobile marketing has passed you by.

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Over half of all web pages are now viewed on mobile devices, and the number is climbing. Sure, a lot of that traffic is checking email, goofing around on social media, and taking online quizzes like “What’s your hippie name?” But it’s also serious business. People aren’t just shopping online, they are buying online, and they are doing it from their phones and tablets. According to the Salesforce 2014 Mobile Behavior Report, 85% of all respondents said that mobile devices are a central part of everyday life. If your new mantra isn’t “mobile first” in all your marketing, you are likely missing a huge chunk of potential business.

Here are some signs that mobile may have passed you by:

1. Your website was built in 2009. That would mean it wasn’t built on a platform with “responsive” design, allowing your website to adjust itself to the device on which it is viewed, giving the user a good experience. For a nice example of how responsive web design works, click here. If you’re looking at this blog post on mobile…mazel tov!

2. Your emails aren’t designed for mobile first. If you use a professional email platform like MailChimp, most of them are set up with responsive design, but that doesn’t mean that your headers and graphics look well on all devices. Look at your last e-newsletter on your smart phone, and adjust.

3. You’re not looking at your Google Analytics. This is where you see exactly how much traffic is coming to your site via mobile devices. It will be about half, unless your target market is age 85 or older. Even then, their kids may be researching what you’re selling. Google gives some weight to responsive sites in search results, so if your site isn’t, you are being penalized. Read more about how to fix that.

4. Your competition cares about mobile. When someone is looking for what you do on Google and find that your competitor’s site is easier to use, where will they go?

5. You don’t use mobile for business. You may be in the half of the world that doesn’t, and that’s okay. But if you want to experience your company the way a potential customer does, you have to go see your website where they see it. Push back from the desktop.

6. You think of your website as an online brochure. Websites that are static, never offer new content, or expect visitors to visit every page in the order of navigation don’t recognize how people take in information. Nobody is going to read your long, dry mission statement or product specs. Maybe your home page is a simple call-to-action landing page. Whatever the user will skip, you should skip.

7. You hate the internet. It happens. But you are not your customer. If your prospects are looking for something that might include you, and they are doing it on their phone and tablet and they can’t instantly find what they are looking for, they will bail. Have you seen what they see?

These are seven signs that mobile marketing may have passed you by. C’mon, hop in…

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