5 ways to turn down the Facebook noise.

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turn down facebook noise

A constant refrain comes from users of Facebook: too much crap in my feed, too much noise on Facebook. Here are five things you can do to turn down the Facebook noise.

1. Turn off notifications. If you have them turned on, turn them off, and/or change what you get notified about. If you have them on, turn off the notification sound. That’s one less distraction.

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2. Remove yourself from conversations. If you want to keep notifications on, but you get involved in a conversation you wish you hadn’t, you can turn it off.

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3. Unfollow the person or page. This is the best, least-noticeable way to turn off someone who annoys you but you’d rather not unfriend. Like that nutty cousin from Michigan you never see. Or the person you do business with but can’t abide personally.

how to unfollow facebook

4. Unfriend the person or unlike the page. This is bridge-burning on the personal side. The person you unfriend won’t know it until they go looking, then they will probably be offended. On the business page side, they expect it (or should).

how to unfriend somebody on facebook

5. Block the person. If you get a troll, someone who hijacks your feed, won’t shut the hell up, or basically stalks you, block them. If they are seriously violating the terms of Facebook usage, you can report them. (Just not liking someone or violently disagreeing with their opinions isn’t reason to do that.)

block someone on facebook

We’ve written before about how paring down your friend list substantially could make your Facebook news feed more relevant, because it will give Facebook less to find irrelevant on your behalf. If you haven’t interacted with someone in a long time, and you unfollow them and they never interact with you, will they miss you if you unfriend them? Proceed with caution.

If you don’t want to do any of the above options, get used to all the wacky, weird, wonderful, wonder-why-they-don’t-have-a-life posts and comments from “friends” and friends of friends. Ultimately, social media is just that: social. If you go out in public in the real world, people are going to bore you, annoy you, entertain and delight you. Online, you can control what you encounter.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I already do numbers 3, 4 and 5 with certain friends that incessantly upload selfies.

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